Updating virus database behind proxy is not possible?

I’ve just downloaded and installed the CIS v3.14.129887.586. I have setup the proxy settings as and we don’t use authentication. On the Virus Database Update dialogue box, initally, it says, 5% then jumps to 30% and stays there for almost 20 minutes or so, the a pop-up message tells me that the update failed, and to check my internet connection. I have seen in previous threads that there was a problem with updating behind a proxy. Has this been resolved in this current build? Thanks.

try putting “IP” in the server field and “Port” in the port field, you should not have to use :port somewhere…
And it should work…

Ok, sorry if I made you confused on what I typed. That’s exactly what I meant, in the server I entered the IP address of the proxy server and in the Port, I entered 8080. Thanks.

Can you ask your Proxy admin to check the log files to see what the Proxy Servers Response to this request is…

Sorry for the interruption. I think this is not a problem with proxy. If it is a fresh installation, the inital virus database update will remain for a long time (say 20-40 minutes depending on connection speed). During this time the status will remain at 30% for a long time giving an impression that the update is not working. But, it would actually be updating. Let CIS complete its job and once updated, the incremental updates will not take much time.

Since the proxy shows 5% and then goes up to 30%, it means that CIS is able to communicate through proxy.

I agree, but then the above doesn’t make sense, unless their internet connection is overloaded, or there was a remote server issue during updating…

Well I’m monitoring my download now …

Just like you, I’m sitting behind a proxy server and it starts at 5% then jumps to 30% almost immediately and hangs there.

Although it seems like it’s doing nothing, if you monitor “Active Connections”, you will see a process called cmdagent.exe. The connection established will be to your proxy IP and the “bytes in” should consistently climb.
Mine is currently sitting at 44.2Mb. This update has failed once before and since I’m the proxy administrator, I’m able to view the logs myself and can see that the proxy does not terminate the connection at any point.

Hopefully it works this time but if not, I suspect it’s some sort of timeout in the Comodo software itself for updates that take too long. There must be some sort of maximum update time set.

Anybody have any idea how large the initial download signature is?

about 90MB

To see if it is downloading open View Active Connections under Firewall → Common Tasks. Then see if cmdagent.exe is downloading or not.

Thank you everybody who replied to this thread. It does make sense though. Perhaps, I didn’t wait that much long to see what’s going on. Layman might be correct. If the initial update file is 90MB, there has to be a way to inform the user that it is doing something rather than a flat response that it reached 30% and stays there for some 20 or more minutes. At least something like “Initial update will take sometime, please wait.”

Anyway, to let everybody informed, I just let the update continue overnight after trying to update several times and to my surprise, when I woke up at 5am, it was already updated. But is there any way I can find if it really had updated to the latest anti-virus signature?

Thanks again.

This is changed/fixed in version 4 but that one is still beta…

Thanks. Btw, how often does the anti-virus signature updated? I just noticed that every time I manually update, it says that the database is up-to-date. This is the third day.

it is done almost in one - two hour period. So, in manual update the CIS would most of the time report ‘updated’ status.

The latest database can be verified at

This can be confirmed by going to

Open CIS-Miscellaneous-About-Virus Signature Databse Version

Hope this helps