Updating to CIS 4 from 3.14 or reinstall?

Sorry if this has been asked before, I couldn’t find it with search and some searching on my own I’m using 3.14 right now and when 4 comes out will I be able to just update via the updater or will I need to do a reinstall and a reconfigure.

There is not official answer to this yet, but for what i have seen, i would suggest a clean install if your configuration isn’t that complex.
I tried to import previous version configs, but that failed major so i assume it’s not compatible…

But like it said there is no official announcement for this yet.

Thanks Ronny, sort of figured it might need a reinstall, a fair amount of changes and all.

If you are already running Comodo Internet Security 3.13, you will not need to reinstall the new version. It will be available to you automatically.

:-[ seems they forgot to inform us Moderators about this… :o

Looks like i have some more Beta testing to do :wink:

Sounds good as the virus update is a big one still at around 90mb.

from my experience in two pcs, do a clean install.

Altho i upgraded to 679.

What about from the V4 RC version? Will it seamlessly update or will a fresh install be needed when the stable version is released?

My configuration is EXTREMLY complex and I would VERY much love not to lose it! If not possible automatically, I would like to know at least if configs for policies and apps are stored in the registry the same way CIS 3 does it because I would import them manually. There is simply TOO much data for me to lose!

I find with any software, especial large security-based ones, one should always clean install jumping from one major version build to another, even if the developers say it’s safe. The same usually holds true from a beta/RC to final because most of the code changes occur during that transitional phase.

10-4, just as I figured. That is what I shall do then.

I have a reaaaaally long list of IP addresses in MY NETWORK ZONES. If automatic update is not possible, Comodo should provide a way to export lists like these separately, please. In the worst of cases I’ll have to do a registry export/import.

Q2 - I am a CIS 3.x User. Will I get the updates?
A2 - We haven’t released the updates to the existing users yet. But we will. When we release, in the upcoming weeks, you will be able to update it without having to reinstall this new version.

Q4 - I was a BETA tester and still using the BETA versions. What should I do?
A4 - You should uninstall the BETA version and use this new version. However, although not recommended, you can use automatic updater to update to this version from the BETA versions.
Src: COMODO Internet Security 4.0.135239.742 Released.

I hope this answers your question.