Updating the Virussignatures failes

I reinstalled my CIS some days ago, after the installation is finished it shows me i have to do an Initial Scan, i startet it, but it fails everytime.

It starts to Check it then it stops and says Failure.
A Picture is attached, sry that it is in German, but i want int in German :slight_smile:

I hope you can help me. The GeekBuddy Guys couldnt help me, they only downloaded a Version out of the internet and installed it. But i want my PC save.

When i press Protocoll it shows Failure 0x80004004

With greetings, Sebastian

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I have the same issue on several PC’s. Suddenly the updates do not work. Reinstalling CIS does not fix the problem.


I have a Laptop with integrated UMTS module. If i try to update cis via w-lan it will fail with the red x. But if i cancel the w-lan connection an start up the umts-module, i can update cis without any problems! This is not a workaround, only one more curiosity! I am thankfull to any help!


I only have a Computer with Lan, i cant use UMTS, actual i installed a Virensignature that i downloaded out of the internet, but it wont update almost