Updating the Database

Anyone else having problems updating latest virus S/W database? I keep getting failed to update, please check your internet connection.
This on two of my computers and they have no problems accessing the internet with other tools.

Yup, by no means everyone but there’s no real shortage of peeps with the same prob apparently :frowning: So many in fact and intermittently over such a long period of time that Mr.Comodo simply must know that there’s a significant problem again but as seems to have been the case when it’s showed up in the past, they’re keeping pretty quiet about it. It probably explains why there have been several relatively and most unusually lengthy periods of time just recently where absolutely no updates have been available to anyone mind you, not even to those who don’t actually have the problem ! Mucho fiddling around and frantic tweaking behind the scenes methinks :wink:

Depending on which version you’re using, check out some of the other threads on the subject for solutions that might work for you.

I suspected as much. Looks like when it searches for the next update, ig goes through a few that are null and then tries to update from null files. Glith, Glith, Glith. Should be easy to fix, but. . . . .

Hey do you guys also have a problem downloading the base.cav files directly?
I can’t even get it off the official URL that I found at https://forums.comodo.com/antivirus-faq-cis-b138.0/-t47164.0.html :cry:

I got my updates working again :slight_smile: