Updating Spyware Guard?

Hello, When I try to update this I get this message>>>

There may be a conflict with your firewall or server may be busy<<<

How do I get to see if it is the firewall causing this message? Thanks

Is there anything in the Comodo logs relating to Spyware guard?

Look in Firewall->View Firewall Events->click more to see all the logs.

Have you had a problem updating it before? Is there an entry for it in Firewall/Advanced/Network security policy?


Matt: There was nothing in the Event log but at the top of Network Policy screen here, I see it?

PS: This has never happened before!

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You have the proper rules for the updater of Spyware Guard.

To quickly see if the firewall plays a role disable the firewall. That can be easies done by right clicking on the CIS shield in the systray → Firewall Security Level → Disabled. When that doesn’t help it is a server side problem. Don’t forget to enable the firewall again; CIS will not warn after x minutes.

Like Eric says if it doesn`t help when the Firewall is disabled your probably looking at a server side error.

One thing i would do is in your Network Security Policy click on the “Purge” button. This will remove entries that are no longer required(blue arrows in pic).
Also where the red arrows (sounds like a display team) are in the picture you seem to have duplicate rules for the same application. Click on one of them and select Remove then OK. It wont make any differance just tidys it up a bit.


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Matt: I did the purge, Thanks

Eric, did as you suggested and it did not make a difference, so I guess it is Not Comodo.

So thats what I do to see if Comodo is blocking a program, good to know, Thanks All

PS: Whenever I am typing on the Posting SCreen, the typing is very eratic and slow, is that this site?
It does not happen any where else on my pc?