Updating Software and Hardware

Just wondered if anyone had any recommendations on programs that scan your computer and show what updates are available !

One of the best 10 years ago was called CatchUp from Cnet, It scanned your PC and showed you what software updates and betas were available for both software and hardware. But that was 10 years ago!
Also most times you could directly download from the the vendors site with a link it provided…

Also back then was BigFix but now it has been purchased by IBM and integrated into their Tivoli End Point Manager, so I doubt it is FREE :frowning:

I currently use File Hippo’s Update Checker which only scans for software updates that are located on its download servers, both regular and beta. Update Checker has always been accurate.

The other program I use is Tech Tracker from Cnet. Several times I have questioned the downloads listed by it, and again it only lists software found on its servers.

Neither of these check for hardware updates as CatchUP did in many cases but not all.

To this point I have not found a “Free” driver update program that I am satisfied with. Several have me going in circles and many times they will tell you what drivers you need but you need search, or need to pay or your might only get 1 out of 5.

Also what frustrates me is their accuracy. The video card I have is from evga and is Nvidea most of these driver updates will be for another Nvidea’s manufacturers video card, not the one I have.

Thank you for any additional suggestions,

I use Secunia Personal Software Inspector, but it’s more of a ‘which software is a security risk and has been patched to fix it’ type of application.

It has been a few months since I used Secunia, and as you said that it is mainly for security updates.

A year or two ago Comodo had a program it was testing that looked as if it could have the potential of CatchUp. It did not have hardware updates and it did not link back to the authors websites. That is why I could only say potential.

Wonder if no other updater comes close to the old CatchUP if Comodo might consider bringing it back its program with “enhancements” :wink: