Updating program slows down system on XP. Clean install doesn't.

So my computer has been running like ■■■■ for the last week or so and it was annoying the hell out of me. I use this laptop only for work, and mostly have only the things I need for work installed on it. It’s not that old and there is no reason it should be so slow and sluggish for what I do.

Today I just remembered, I updated CIS not too long ago. This happens every time there is a CIS update. Every time I update CIS my computer runs like ■■■■ and I need to uninstall and reinstall. Why is that? Now I will need to go through the whole uninstall hassle and then reinstall CIS and reset everything up. This is really getting annoying. I have been using CIS for a couple years now since Avast had issues with XP.

I really like the AV and Firewall of CIS, but it’s annoying that every time there is a new version of CIS and I update, it messes up my computer. Reinstalling always fixes things, but it’s a hassle needing to always do that. Am I the only one that needs to do this every time I update?

Do I understand correctly you’re on XP?

I edited the title to be more descriptive and made a paragraph structure for an easier read.

Yes sorry XP, SP3. I was a little annoyed when I fired off that post and kind of typed it up fast as one big paragraph.

I have not tried reinstalling again yet, because I have been debating trying something else. I also read some posts that people doing fresh installs are getting the old version (6.2) of CIS still. That happened to me last time I reinstalled, I got the old version again. In the past a clean install has seemed to solve the issues I encountered.

My contract ended at work and I won’t be starting my next one for a month, so I have some time to experiment before I need to use this laptop every day again. That’s why it took me a while to realize this issue and why I am debating what to do. At home I mostly use a different laptop running Linux. I only use Windows when I need to.

I had a very similar problem happen to me a couple of days ago. Research led me to this page:

After running the vb script that I got from there my system is fast again.