updating problems [closed]

I try to update firewall and it has a small gui that says theres an error and thats it … how can i update the program. By the way I’ve enjoyed this firewall been using it as a replacement to my out dated Sysgate firewall that norton purchased and decided to never release again

You might have to wait until the servers cool down a bit…
It would probably go faster to download the setup and make a fresh install, or you have to wait…

I also had trouble updating the firewall. Last night it took forever to download and install the updates. When on 99% installed there was an error message saying that installation could not be completed. Today I managed to install a newly downloaded update but I could not connect to the internet. I tried everything, even turning off the firewall with no success. Thanks to system restore I’m back online minus the updates. Can you suggest what the problem may be. My antivirus is NOD32

i just redownloaded today and there was no updates! so u guys might wanna re download it from the site (:WAV) hope it works!

Just dwnld this firewall…excellent protection…easy 2 use… (V)…but having update prob…error 106…wat 2 do??? re-dwnld will take too long…n e suggestions ??? :THNK…

As I understand it, error 106 indicates the server is busy (probably because so many FW users are updating at the same time.

My advice is to try again in a few hours (try to pick an odd time of day/night to do it, where there might be less traffic.

Just be patient, above all. :wink:


I received a reported email by another member about this error 106 . Just like the posts above stated, it’s simply a matter of time. Try again later. I’m going to combine all threads related to this issue. It’ll look confusing, but will be more organized.

What do you think?

Might change the Subject of the thread to include “Error 106” for easier searching.


How about “Error 106 = Busy Server” so they can identify the issue and solution in one? You have to learn to be efficient. That’s what military tacticians do.

Sounds good to me.

I’d quantify that… It’s what good tacticians do.


Ok I’ve closed this thread and direct the interested parties to this one: https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,1485.0.html