Updating of AV very slow from China

today after i installed cis on my computer,i found i could not update the virus definiton .i have tested it for 3 or 5 times,and the update process always failed since the download speed was too low .i use 2m adsl provided by china unicom,and about 1/3 of internet users in china shared the same isp with me.in fact i met the same problem a few months ago,but later it became ok.however the problem come back now.i really hope comodo can solve this problem for us,or we have to switch to other products instead of cis.

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I think its cause its a big file when you first download it. See if you can download the definitions and place them in the comodo folder for them. Comodo Anti Malware Database Latest Version & Additions 2022

well,it’s getting more worse today,i can even not download cis from its website,the download speed is only about 9kB/s.

Have you tried downloading using a VPN?
It must be a restriction from your ISP.

I sent a pm to the network admin.

Danke schon!