Updating nightmare

I have struggled for many months updating Comodo Firewall on a number of Windows XP computers from version 3.0.

On each a message came saying that updates were ready to install. I clicked requesting installation and it started downloading but partway through a message came up that the download was corrupted. Despite numerous attempts the same “corruption” has failed to install an update on several PCs.

I have then tried downloading the latest version from Comodo’s website. Installation then apparently proceeded normally but partway though it says a reboot required. After the reboot it continued for a few minutes but then another reboot needed. Then repeating this for reboot after reboot each time the installation apparently progressed a tiny percentage. On a particular PC I have here this rebooting ■■■■ has carried on for nearly 2 hours and I simply can’t get past the 99% complete mark.

What do I have to do to update my version 3.0 firewalls on Windows XP? Will the rebooting ■■■■ carry on for hours yet?

I’m not even sure that it’s possible to go straight from Version 3 to Version 5.

Did you uninstall Version 3 before trying to install V 5?

I would advise that you completely uninstall V3 from each computer and then manually install Version 5 after that. If you like you can follow the advice I give in this post.

Please let me know if you have any questions or run into any further problems.


No, I didn’t uninstall v2. My updating problem is very old. Over the years I had warning messages saying that updates were available. Each time I followed Comodo’s suggested update offer but frequently the updates failed to install. I suspect that I passed through this way via whatever intermediate versions were published since my v2. I had assumed that if Comodo displayed a message saying updates were available and “click here to install them” it wouldn’t be necessary to uninstall the previous version.

I will do as you suggest and uninstall first.

Are you using v2 and not v3?

Version 3 and up are completely different from v2. I am with Chiron. When coming from v3, or may be even v2, it is best to start with a clean install.

Even coming from 4 to 5 is best with a clean install.

Thanks for your help folks.

As recommended, I did an uninstall using Revo followed by the Uninstaller Tool for CIS. The install of the new version then worked fine on my first PC. The mystery for me is why Comodo put out messages that updates are available to install just by clicking their link. That’s where things went badly wrong as it suggested to me that no explicit uninstall was required.

Thanks again - now all I have to do is to go back to another few PCs and repeat the upgrade procedure!

versions 2 and 3 were released before version 5 was designed,
therefore they could not have the intelligence to determine in what ways version 5 would be incompatible.

In my experience with almost any security software when upgrading major release versions* its better to do a clean install.

*major release versions: from version 1 to version 2 not from version 1.0 to version 1.x.x