Updating is weird!

Couple of days ago, had an enormous d/l - the whole AV DB, I’d guess - after updating to 581.

Today, had a largish d/l (several MB - difficult to tell, as it was in a series of spikes) and was asked to reboot.

Rebooted, connected and had another full DB! and had to reboot.
The AV DB version is now 2979!

Now, as I type, I’m getting the full DB again - how can I stop this, please?

Checking for Updates before Scanning is disabled, but I can’t find how to stop automatic, periodic checking.


Try the steps described in the thread above but with the database linked below:


Thank you for the advice. I’ve carried it out and now have the linked bases.cav number in About.

What’s annoying is that the DB was up to date yesterday - it was only after that peculiar update this morning that the regression happened.

BTW, I’ve a nice little utility called BootSafe that reboots in a choice of Safe modes