Updating hangs at 30%.....

I’ve downloaded the latest version:


and for some reason, it just hangs when downloading the virus definition updates at 30%. I was using an older version earlier and tried to update to the newer version (the one i’m using now) and it hanged at 30% as well, so i had to uninstall it and download the new version from the website.

I have a good internet speed so it can’t be that my net is lagging or anything. I was wondering if it’s possible for the Comodo team to release updates in separate installers as well?? Quite a lot of AV program now days release updates so you can download them and install them separately rather than having to update from the program itself. This not only makes it faster and easier for everyone, but also you can keep the updates you download as backups so that you can install them very quickly again if happen to reformat your PC, or install it on a new computer.

Spybot Search & Destroy is one of the good anti-malware programs that release udpates separately as well as letting you download from the program’s updater itself, i hope Comodo can also do the same, but anyway as for my main problem, this doesn’t happen all the time but i rarely complete a full update and it usually takes ages…

It has been asked many times before. May be one day they will facilitate a download page.