Updating from version - complete reinstall? And how to save settings?

This is a computer which hasn’t been used for a couple of months - Windows XP Pro SP3, Comodo Product Version - firewall and defence plus only.

It keeps prompting that updates are available. When I finally tried to update, no update took place - it launched Firefox, with the Comodo download page.

Presumably this means that the new version has to be installed from scratch. is the download offered.

I only want to install the Firewall and Defence Plus, not the anti-virus.

  1. Should I first uninstall the present version of Comodo? Presumably Revo Uninstaller would do a good job of minimising any remnants.

Or do I simply install over the present installation?

  1. I’ve “exported” Comodo Optimum Security and Comodo Network Security to a folder in My Documents. Please confirm that I’ll be able to use these to apply my present settings to any new installation?

If so - is the option to import settings offered during installation? Sorry - I honestly can’t remember this!


  1. yes upgrades from 3.0.x are not supported.
  2. i would recommend to start “clean” because of major internal change to the policy structure.

You “can” try to import but i would strongly recommend not to… I’m not sure if it will convert it correctly.
And you will overwrite a lot of change protection key’s with this previous version.

Great - thanks for that advice, Ronny. I’m very grateful.

I’ll uninstall my existing firewall and then install the new one - I downloaded the installation package earlier.

One more query, if someone has a moment to answer it. I intend carrying out the uninstallation and subsequent installation with the computer disconnected from the internet - always strikes me as ironic that the machine has, in the past, been at its most vulnerable while I’m in the process of installing a firewall.

I assume this would present no difficulties? I’m only planning to install the firewall and Defence Plus, and will probably not run the scan which I seem to remember is offered as an option during installation. So - can anyone confirm that it should be fine to install Comodo and apply my usual settings before connecting the computer to the internet? I’ll then look for any updates.

That is a good “best practice” only thing i know of that some users have reported issues with ThreatCast not working directly after they installed this way, so basically it should work very nice “offline”.

ThreatCast is a system that show’s how many users responded to an alert and chose allowed or blocked.

Hopefully, Threatcast will recover once the computer’s back on line? Now you mention it, I seem to remember that it registers or enrols you or something during the installation - let’s hope this can be done later, too.

I’ll give an offline installation a try tomorrow, then, and post back here if anything untoward happens!

Thanks again for the assistance.

Well it’s build so that it will register the first time it notices it’s “online” so it should work…

That was what I hoped - I’ll post back with the results, probably tomorrow evening.

Just good to get some expert advice first!