updating Free

Is updating automatic?
I installed Comodo free day before yesterday.
Yesterday about noon my MB download meter showed about a 38 MB download.
I believe it was Comodo &/or Dragon update. I checked activity and Comodo did something with the application at that precise time.
Is there no way I can be alerted when this happens? I pay by the MB & I like to know.

CIS will automatically update the virus database. It will not ask the user before doing so.

Only if automatically update A/V DB checked in scanner settings.

I don’t allow automatic updates of ANYTHING. Usually that occurs at the MOST inconveniant time , e.g., especially when I want to shut the system down immediately, or reboot for some reason, I’m preforming an installation, OR I need every ounce of CPU steam the boilers can deliver. I gets an alert, I answer ‘allow’ & ‘remember this’ and the system invariably chugs. Bad enough that is, but its worse when an update to something is running concurantly in the background. AAAAAAARRRRRRHhhrggggererererer!