updating firewall

I get error 106 when I try to update firewall. What is my problem?

update for CFP is still disabled by comodo. we still have to wait a little longer

I have version

mine is CFP2.4 too. i don’t know what the error means but CFP 2.4 doesn’t have any update available. the next version is 3.0.8,you have to download it (can’t upgrade it through updater).
let’s just wait for the new CFP2.0.9.

:■■■■ :■■■■

The problem is, that Comodo team evidently left the current official version 2.x unattended, giving all their attention to the new version. We are promised that all the existing errors will be corrected in the version 3.

The new version, however, is ages from final release, existing version has some deficits and errors unaddressed and no one cares…

I am quite disappointed by such attitude. Pitty, such a good firewall being hurt by this policy…

i think it’s not true. there’s a “work around thread” for CFP BETA somewhere.so if you have any problem with your CFP, try looking for the solution there or post it here.there’s a lot of mods who’s willing to help.


Wrong. I have problems with firewall not remembering (sometimes) settings and I am dissapointed with poor-almost good for nothing- log module of cfp. Nothing of that can be resolved by forum, only by programmers, but in spite of this I read forums carefuly, belive me.

CFP beta I suppose serves for cfp v3 testers. For time and security I cannot afford to test beta now, that is, why I am complaining:
all the effort goes to the v3, which is brand new, totally different (at least hips module) and many days from being reliable - and users of existing version have been left with all the flaws unaddressed…

let’s think about it this way :
the 2.4 version is a BETA, it’s buggie, it’s ■■■■ and so on.
then comodo team puts all the effort to FIX it & MAKE it better, so CFP 3.0 is born. so CFP 3.0 is the solution for CFP 2.4 problem.


Oh dear!
You did not meant it did you?
Just a joke, right?

the 2.4 version is a BETA, it’s buggie, it’s ■■■■ and so on. <===== this is the “joke” part. CFP 2.4 is a great product already.
and the rest of it is serious.

well, i know you have an unsolved prob using this CFP “■■■■” version , i experienced an unsolved bug too in CAVS.i think that’s why comodo add a “BETA” word on their product.
it means the product and the problem are packed together ;D
so let’s wait for the final CFP.


If you use a browser other than Internet Explorer (like Firefox, etc) here’s what you should do:

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Click File
  3. UNCHECK “Work Offline”

I hope this solves your problem.




I have talked to Melih about some existing issues with 2.4. He has indicated that all resources are going to 3.0’s development right now; when they get that squared away, they will be looking more at 2.4’s issues to work on getting those resolved for the W2K users.

That doesn’t help you right now, but I hope it offers some encouragement that 2.4 is not completely off the radar, either.