Updating everytime I turn on my computer

I installed cfp a couple of weeks ago. It ran fine for a while, then few days ago it started updating everytime I turn on my computer. It seems to update something because I can see activities on the second cfp icon my taskbar. But always within a few seconds, it will ask me whether I want to restart my computer to complete the updating the process.

Also when I clicked on “Scan My System” in D+, nothing happen though I can click on “View D+ events”, “My Quarantined Files” and other submenus. I have a huge list of files in my quarantined files, should I just purge them or remove them? Are the two options the same?

Thanks a bunch.


I can’t help very much with your updating issue, but I can tell you the difference between purging and removing.
Selecting Remove just clears the list, resets it back to an empty list. When you Purge, CFP checks each file to see if it is still located on your drive. If it is not, that file is removed from the list. If it is, it stays on the list so that you can decide what you want to do with it.