Updating comodo AV via proxy

Hi, I just downloaded Comodo Antivirus Free edition and installed it my desktop. My problem is when i’m trying to update via proxy I get the ff. error:

Error number:404
Error connecting to proxy server: Invalid username or password. Please check your configuration settings and try again.

I’ve already double check my proxy settings and I get the same error. Any help on how do I update my AV?


Hi bryle

It sounds like your running v2 of the antivirus (going by the error). I had the same problem being behind a proxy and tried all ways of connecting (i.e script, IP, etc in IE).

I would recommend installing v3 (you can install from Comodo Internet Security). You may still have the same problem though (I do) but it is Comodo’s latest antivirus and should “hopefully” be fixed soon.


Edit: Btw, CIS (AntiVirus 3) is currently RC1