Updating CIS question

Hello, I’m a big fan of Comodo CIS and rarely post but…
I was reading a recent article praising CIS 4.0 as being a great all around product as well as FREE.

My version is 3.14. However, when I “check for updates” I receive a message that “Your product is up to date”. Is version 4.0 a beta version? Not available yet to the masses? Comments? Anyone notice this?


Version 4 is final. It is not available on the automatic update yet. It is promised by Comodo that they will provide the possibility to update from 3.14 to v4 without having to worry about settings. It simply has not arrived yet and we don’t know a date when it will arrive.

If you can’t wait you will have to uninstall 3.14 and start clean with v4.