Updating BOClean unreliable on Vista?

Update chaos on Vista here.
As of 15 december 2007 (almost 2 months now) i’m using a new computer system with Vista Ultimate 32 bit. 3 user accounts on that system: 1 admin (me) and 2 standard users (besides the admin + guest account of course).
I’m using BOClean 4.25 since that day; installed as administrator. Windows Defender is completely turned off. NOD32 2.7 is my AV; no other special anti-malware applications running.

Not sure who’s to blame, but today it’s the 4th time i notice something is not right with the updates.
When i look more closely into this i find a little chaos:
On my (admin) account the “last updated” notice stated 2008-02-03.
On a second (standard) account the date of the was 2008-02-04.
On the 3th (standard) account the update was from 2008-01-13.
These are the dates of the .XVU files in the virtual store locations: C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\ProgramData\BOC425

Next to that there exists also a .VXU located in C:\ProgramData\BOC425.
Date of the .VXU there was 2008-01-21.

Previous 3 times i cleaned out all .VXU files i could find with the windows search and reinstalled BOClean again to get things working again. That works for some time for me: but i’m not sure how things where with the other accounts at that time. Did not check then.

A manual update does NOT update the .VXU file in the virtualstore location for the current user (or any users) i found out today. It updates only the .VXU in C:\ProgramData\BOC425!
When i copy the .VXU from there to the virtualstore locations of all the individual users, the “last update” notice in BOClean for each user gets the right date stamp (but only at the next logon).

Any thoughts, confirmation of this behaviour/problem?
Why is the auto or manual update not distributed to all users? BOClean claimes to be Vista compatible, so what gives? Do i have a borked Vista?

Hi there. I’m on vista here and no problems now, although something occured and it wouldnt allow me to update, something related to user rights, weird though as I was the admin. So what I did was to unnistall it and reinstall it and then it would update properly. I don’t know if you tried to check Boclean support site but it has a section “Cannot get BOClean to update on “limited user accounts”” It might be helpful. So I hope it works out with you. Otherwise you can always unnistall it and do clean install and try from there.

All the best!

Hi. Already did 3 times a fresh install of BOClean. I feel like this is enough. The 4th time i did only a manual update and copied the database to the proper location for every user on the system. (I believe i had to, because of the location of the downloaded database.) Since then, every user gets updated again. I’m doing a follow up every day, to see what’s happening for every user.
My point of view: A standard user should not be a problem in a Vista. Microsoft is preaching the use of standard user accounts. Even an admin account does not have full rights elevated all the time when UAC active. Vista is designed for this and BOClean claims to be Vista compatible.
Can’t lay my finger on it yet. There’s something fragile in the updating process that goes wrong sometimes.

Hi decomp, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Personaly I don’t use Vista, so I can’t help you :-[ But I would advise you to submit a ticket :

Greetz, Red.