Updating All Comodo Products

hey everyone, I continue to be amazed by the Comodo suite (BOClean, Firewall and AntiViruSpyware) but I have another question. When Comodo products update, whether it’s BOClean or the Firewall or the AntiViruSpyware, do they automatically download version updates and not just definition updates? I heard something about a new version of BOClean and I’m wondering if I will have do do a reinstalation of the program and same with versions of the AntiViruSpyware and Firewall.

Thanks, any advice would be gratefully appreciated.

Matt Segstro

Hey Matt,

Both the firewall and the anti virus check for program updates as well as safelist DB and definition updates.

Hopefully soon, there will another product which will download any available updates for all installed Comodo applications, apply them tio the local instances and make them available to other Comodo equipped PCs on the same LAN (centralised management console).

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

And for that feature you probably will have to pay! Unless Melih n the Gang wins a Lottery :stuck_out_tongue:

But then again you can’t ask everything for free! right! :THNK

l (:TNG)

Think again Dam. Apparently it will be free for home use, up to a certain amount of PCs (possibly 5). For commercial use or for more than the base amount, there will most likely be a fee.

Personally I think this type of product will deliver the greatest benefit (to the internet community) when used on home LANs, as a means of ensuring consistentcy and constancy across the PCs in Mr. and Mrs. Averages house. There are very few zombie PCs on corporate LANs - the vast majority of bots are on domestic PCs. The centralised console will allow a household some measure of ensuring that all the connected PCs are running up to date security software and it’s configured and secured consistently.

Can’t wait! :THNK :THNK

Ewen :slight_smile:

thanks everyone, that answered my question!

Matt Segstro

Hi Ewen

Thousand Apologies folks! Total Miscommunication! Wasn’t thinking about that aspect! And I surely will read the link you have posted! (Actually I started Hopefully I’ll be able to finish/understand it within 10 or so years :wink: )

Thank you for pointing it out!

Hey Panic
I think you’re right on the button and I for one agree with this assessment. ;D
I believe the home based computer “is” the most vulnerable segment of Internet Security Issues and as such require the very approach COMODO has been… and is taking with a ‘group of First Class’ Security Software Programs. (:CLP)
I feel exceptionally secure! (:KWL)