Updating 4.26 on Limited User Account[RESOLVED]


I am getting this error on an XP Pro machine on the limited user account:

“Permission or connectivity problems. Unable to copy file to the BoC426 folder. Visit http://www.comodo.com/boclean/supboc.html and at the bottom of the page, what you need to do is explained”

I have followed the steps to resolve this issue but cannot find a BoC426 folder but can locate this folder:


Is CBOClean the folder I should change the security settings for or is there something else I should be doing?

EDIT: I can find several BOC426 related files but no folder simply called BOC426.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Hi Jimd,

What are you doing exactly to upgrade? I think that you must uninstall the old version yourself and install the new one once that’s completely removed, it seems there’s no way through BOC’s update system unless I’m missing something. Precisely because the upgrade implies a full install, you need admin rights for it. Even if you normally use a limited account, you need to make the uninstall-install procedure from an admin one (either completely logging in, or right-clicking on the installer and choosing “run as…” from another, limited account).

Before installing 4.26 make sure that the previous version is completely gone, and neither BOC425.EXE nor BOCORE.EXE are still running, better yet delete the whole folder within “\Program Files” to be sure–if you get an error when trying to delete, either it’s because you’re trying without admin rights, or because one of the programs is still running, so terminate them and delete.

Hi Japo,

Not really sure what has happened here as this thread was marked resolved but I can no longer see the replies that were made to my thread and I have also lost some ■■■ related to this thread.

This appears to have been a permissions problem for the limited user account and is resolved in that respect. I had difficulty finding the BOC426 folder but thanks to Red and another moderator (post from second mod is gone, Red kindly sent a PM), I located the folder in question.

I have been using BOClean for a long time and always shut down then uninstall the old version then install the new version but this did not help with the permissions problem.

With help from Red I realized I failed to check the box to search for hidden files and folders which is why BOC426 did not show up in my search.

Thank you so much for your reply but all appears well now, except for the missing posts in this thread :wink:

Resolved again ???

Yep, resolved twice :wink:

Thanks Matty :slight_smile: