Updates ON - It mentions “checks for updates automatically”

Updates OFF - It mentions “check for updates on wi-fi only” - Does this mean it is automatic updates for wi-fi only if set to OFF? And it will not carry automatic update on other connections, right?

Hi, naren. Yes, if the update is ON, it means it will check for update regardless of whether you are using wi-fi or 3G(other connections). If it is OFF, it will only check for updates when you are using wifi.

How often are the updates & size of updates?

Based on this I may set it to automatic updates enabled.

Hi, naren, with respect to database, we push it as long as we have new samples, it would be like once a week. The size will be roughly 25K.

For the CMS version, it depends on our developement. It would be like once or twice a month. The size will be roughly 2M.

Thank you

Thanxx for all the info.

could you guys make that more clear in the user interface. for example have an option for auto updates and then an option for auto update method such as WiFi or mobile network that way the options are easier to understand. the current way is misleading and kind of contradictive. if auto updates is off then it should auto update period. if it’s on then it should auto updat in the way the user specifies. also would it be possible to send updates through text as an attachment and then open the file with cms and have cms update from there