Updates ?

I just now noticed that clicking “Update” shows that Updates are available. Is there a changelog of what’s available?

Another question, I have “Always take a snapshot of the current system before restoring system” unchecked. After a restore has been made, a new current snapshot is listed in available snapshots with it’s description being that of the option mentioned above which is unchecked. Is this normal?

Everytime a new release is released, it is stickied along with release notes. Last one been 26th Jan (at a guess without looking as I don’t use this at the minute!) I think.

Hi Greg,

CTM build 157 is available now. please check if new build can help you. And please let us know if this problem still occurs.

Please see the following for details:


I updated, rolled back and didn’t get what I mentioned above. Maybe it’s fixed. I also noticed that CTM’s update was protected from the rollback

Hi Greg S,

When you update CTM and restore to past snapshot. CTM would update automaticly.


Is there any option to allow “Timeline View” to be the default selected tab when viewing snapshots? I don’t really see the point of “Tree View”. I’m sure it serves a purpose but I’m more used to Timeline View having been a long time user of Eaz-Fix.

Hi Greg S,

There is no method to set the “Timeline View” as default at the moment. but we are investigating this.


How do i rename an existing snapshot. I right click on a snapshot and select properties. It all looks like i should be able to retype the new name but no typing occurs?? Is this a bug?

Thank you,lol. That was my next question

Hi Guys,

“Baseline” and “Current” snapshot can not be renamed and deleted. You can rename others by following method:

  1. Select a snapshot and then press F2.
  2. Rename in properties page.


Yea, I know about baseline and current but prior to this latest update, renaming or adding description wouldn’t work and was just as the user above described. After update, seems to be fixed.

I was wrong, the problem still occurs. Also, snapshots have now decided not to mount when viewing a prior snapshot. I select mount, it says it’s mounted, I click the tray balloon for viewing, explorer opens with my present booted partition for viewing. I go to Computer and notice no mounted drive for viewing mounted snapshot. Another also, I notice now that the baseline shows as 0 mb. I would swear that in the past it was listed as being about 30 mb’s. I’m getting ready to do my first update baseline so I hope it works,lol.

Just did the Reset Baseline. All seems well with that except for one thing. No extra free space added to drive properties. Still setting at the same amount as before Resetting Baseline. I was under the impression that it would reclaim some free space like in Eaz-Fix. Anyhow, the mount snapshots problem still exist also.

One more question, I am dual booting XP and Win 7, same drive different partitions. Does it make any difference which partition OS one selects and does the Reset Baseline from?

Hi, when installing Comodo Time Machine on the multi-boot computer, you have one time to choose which partitions to be protected. That means it will protect the same partitions on every OS and there is one baseline.

Best Regards.

My question was more of, does it matter which OS I’m booted into at the time to perform the update baseline. After updating is complete, would I need to boot into both OS’s for it to finalize. If only one baseline, I assume not.

You don’t need to boot into both OS’s, just restart PC one time, then baseline is finalized.

Best Regards,

Kinda figured that. Thanks JT