Hi, I keep getting a pop up (every time i log on) saying comodo updates avavable, click here etc, only when i do that, it goes to update, then says, no updates avavable?
any on any ideas.

Sorry I can’t be of any help, breakaleg - I’m getting the same problem. I just wanted to add my callout to yours. Every time I start up, there was the updates icon telling me updates were available - and when I click on the icon, it makes no response. Mighty irritating.

I’m using the past tense because my solution was to go into the settings and switch off the updates reminder. Not ideal, I know, but less annoying.

Hi Roryks,
Yes its annoying, i tried diagnostics, but it said that it couldn’t fix it.
So I don’t know what to do next, thought about uninstalling and re instaling, or just trying another firewall instead of comodo, although i like comodo, i need to feel able to trust it.

Hi there are you running Vista perhaps ?

Hi Ronny
Iam indeed running vista (surley not a problem caused by vista?)
please tell me more

Check this FAQ and see if that fixes your problem:


I had the same problem yesterday, stated comodo updates were ready, and when you would click it there would be no response. So i’d then manually go into it and try and update but it would state there are no updates available.

and i’m on xp sp3!!

Is that the first time you had this message JJ2K ?

Yes it’s only happened once, i’ve encontered another problem since then which has caused me to disable it (I did create a topic without reply)

I’m going to reinstall, and see if it solves the problem from my other topic. And if I encounter the update problem again I will let you know.

Do you happen to use multiple accounts on that system ?

p.s. i replied to your other post, i don’t think a reinstall will help.