Why does the update always says there is updates available then finds no updates? this happens to the automatic and manual updates.

This was an issue also posted under Firewall Bugs. Ronny answered posts there and solved the problem. What he had me do was shut down CIS (right-click the Comodo systray icon and choose ‘Exit’) and delete both the Firewall and the Comodo Internet Security folders under Comodo in the Virtual Store Program Files folder. Then I restarted CIS and checked manually for updates. CIS told me that no updates were available. The Firewall and Comodo Internet Security folders are here under Comodo: AppData → Local → Virtual Store → Program Files → Comodo. Good Luck.

Right thanks. Seems alot to go through for a program like this though

The CIS program is new and there are many different computer configurations out there between XP Home, XP Professional, and all the different Service Packs, Vista and all the different versions of it, and some machines have SP1 and some don’t. I imagine the code variances that the developers are having to deal with is what creates these various problems. Each problem seems to be somewhat unique to what OS and what security software is on the computer. That is why the developers give a list of specifics they need the person to provide if they want the bug they encounter fixed.