I haven’t seen any new updates in quite awhile… IS there a problem with my comodo or has there been none???

What kind of updates? The entire product? Comodo will only update when there is a new version. The on demand scanner updates when you start it up.


There haven’t been any software updates to CFP for a while, which I guess is because there are none or very few critical bugs (that causes BSOD, or disabled the functionality of CFP).
If there’s a new version of CFP released, it will be announced in this sub-forum.

The developers are currently working on CIS (Comodo Internet Security) at the moment, so if there’s any new update to CFP, we’ll see it when CIS is released.


Updates to the programs whitelist are there made ?

There will be a new CFP 3 version late August. As Ragwing said, Developers are just getting CIS launched.