I have three computers but only use one at a time.All three have the latest Comodo installed.
How about that for confidence in a product.
I am not the slightest interested in all the nonsense that is going on with OA
This is the security software for me
One only has to follow Melih and his dedicated team to realise that Comodo is the number one.
My question.
Auto update notification only seems to work on one computer.Is there a bug?

Automatic Update.As far as I know there isn’t a bug. CPF3 usually updates on Thursdays but I hardly notice that it does it so maybe it’s just not showing on your taskbar.

MMMMMMMM. Honestly I have never gottin an auto update alert cause 99% of the time I see it in the posts so I click update. Could be a bug but wait till the next release. Auto updates sometimes work slower then when the updates are released.

Yes i do as well
But before i could do that i had a popup which advised me of updates.
If notification is only on Thursdays that would explain it.
Thanks .