Thinking of trying the Beta on my home machine. However, it’s on dialup. I notice that I have to manually update BoClean at home because if it trys to do it when anything else is going on, browsing, other updates, etc. it doesn’t connect. Is anyone else with a slow connection using CAV and if so, has this been a problem.

Hi, I don’t know how much band width it’ll take from you. What I do know, is that CAVS checks for an internet connection every 15 minutes. If a connections is found, it’ll check for updates at Comodo, and if an update is found CAVS will download and install it.

Do you have any other AV today, except for your BOClean antimalware?


Currently running AVG Pro.

Then maybe that could give you a hint on what it takes to update an AV. If it works well, then you might want to try CAVS. On the other hand, if AVG works well, then you could stick with it.


My previous point is not how long it takes to do an update, It’s that BoClean doesn’t connect at all if other programs are using the connection. I get an error message that the update server is unavailable, try again later. I’m wondering if anybody else on a slow connection has noticed similar behavior with CAVS.

However, your post does bring up a good point. Are CAVS updates generally large? With AVG the definition updates are usually fairly small. <1MEG. The AV in Systemsuite runs much larger 1M+ - 20Meg+.

I understand that it’s not really about time. Though, I think that BOClean is not necessarily a good representative here. Today’s versions of BOClean and CAVS are not related to each other, so CAVS may work for you, even though BOClean doesn’t.

Sorry, I don’t know any file sizes of CAVS updates. What I do know is that relatively many virus signatures are released every day, since Comodo is working hard to improve their database of virus signature. I suppose signature updates aren’t that large, but program updates - which aren’t release as often as signatures - are probably bigger.