Hi all

Just started to get pop ups telling me there is an “error!”

Cannot update: reasons are, Firewall - Internet connections - Site down.

The firewall is Comodo which recognises BOClean. I am on the net right now: so is there something wrong with the Site’s download system?


We need more information.
Can you tell us which version of CBO, your OS and if you followed the installation instructions for your setup?
Download Link, Install/Uninstall Instructions, & User Guide


I am using WidowsXP Pro and BOClean 4.23. I did read all of the instructions.

I installed the Application with all necessary permissions - and behind a D-Link Router. For a period of time all went well. I had the Comodo Firewall Pro to accept BOClean and initially, BOClean updated regularly.

Nothing had changed on my computer when I received the first warning pop up. As I was already using the internet, I assumed the Comodo server might be at fault. For a time, BOClean updated as normal when I received another warning - this time it did not rectify.

What I cannot understand is that BOClean worked flawlessly with the other installed security, and for some unknown reason, went belly up.

I have uninstalled BOClean to see what transpires. I feel a bit naked without BOClean.



Have you read through any of the other “update” threads to see if they address the problem?
There were some issues with the 4.23 build that are addressed in 4.24, check your IM’s. :wink: