Updates Using Limited User Accounts

I have followed the instructions (see below in bold-italic) for updating BOclean whilst using a limited user account. However, on opening the security tab on the BOC425 properties folder I am shown 6 group or user names as following:

ADMINISTRATORS (MY-19F5ED0662\Administrators)


Kesher Admin (MY-19F5ED0662\Me)

Power Users


Users (MY-19F5ED0662\Users)

However, only 3 user accounts are used and shown when logging on. These are:

Kesher Admin

Kesher Internet


Out the 3 user accounts Kesher Internet and Gale are limited user accounts.

Which of the 6 group or user names do I check for write and modify so as to allow BOClean update when using the limited user accounts?


[i][b]Cannot get BOClean to update on “limited user accounts”

This is strictly the result of restrictions which Microsoft has introduced over numerous “service packs” and bandaids for Win2000 and XP. The solution requires granting "modify and “write” permissions to the limited user(s) for the BOC425 BOClean folder. This will ONLY work with BOClean 4.25 or later … This is how to modify the permissions to allow BOClean to be updated while a limited user is online:

First of all you need to be Logged in as an Administrator in Windows XP, this is CRITICAL! “Limited users” and Microsoft’s failure to provide a single “common” point for file writes is the problem here. By MICROSOFT’S choice, “limited users” do NOT have the necessary permissions to update BOClean. THEIR choice, not ours! However, thereIS a way around this!

Use the “search” feature to locate a FOLDER called BOC425. When you search, a number of “BOC425” items will likely appear, only ONE of them is a FOLDER. It SHOULD appear somewhere under an “All users” folder. Once the icon for BOC425’s FOLDER appears in the search window, RIGHT click on the FOLDER icon and select “Properties.” Can you SEE the security tab?

If you are running Windows XP PRO and cannot see the SECURITY tab, then you need to enable it which is done by going to Tools->Folder Options on most any open window. On the View tab click the Advanced Settings box; towardsthe bottom of the list that appears should be an entry “Use simple file sharing [Recommended]”, you need to CLEAR thecheck box. You do NOT want to use simple file sharing. Click OK to close all the windows and follow the instructions above to alter the write permissions. All permissions are inherited from a master template, so doing this for just BOClean does NOT expose you to a security hazard, and in fact gives you FAR greater control over security by being able to make specific folders even more secure than Microsoft’s “defaults.” As Martha Stewart used tosay, “this is a GOOD thing!” Any newly created items will still inherit the highly limited “limited user” settings regardless of this change.

If you’re running XP HOME, Simple File Sharing is enforced by default and cannot be disabled. You must boot the computer into Safe Mode and log in with the Administrator account, in order to see the Security tab.
You need to alter the settings on this tab to change the permissions of the BOC425 folder, which should be self-explanatory (just click the box stating that you wish write permission and modify permission to be enabled for the SPECIFIC user(s) you are interested in).

Check the boxes marked “Write” and “Modify” for the BOC425 folder so that it can be updated by “limited users” or whoever happens to be online when an update is available. “Modify” should also enable “write” but if not, check that box as well. This change will ONLY affect the BOC425 folder wherein the BOC425.XVU update exists. No other folderswill have their security settings changed. Once this is done, then any “limited user” will be able to collect BOClean updates and place the update where it’s available to all.[/b][/i]

BOClean MUST be installed under the administrator account … installing under a limited account will definitely result in a serious “lack of joy.” Once done, the “limiteds” should pick it up without difficulty … if this doesn’t work, then something else would be interfering in which case, might want to try installing in “safe mode” to avoid the other “security software” which might mess things up. Normally, this doesn’t happen but since no two systems are the same anymore, that’d be MY guess … and I wrote the code …

Thanks for replying.
BOClean was installed under the Admin account I log on to. What I don’t understand is that whilst you say that the limited accounts should pick the updates up, the official Commodo instructions say the opposite that is unless the limited user account permissions’ are modified as instructed.

I modified the permissions for the BOC425 folder as specified (all permissions except Full Control) and the BOCLEAN registry entries. I STILL get the “Permissions or connectivity problem! Unable to copy file to the BOC425 folder!” problem while logged in as a restricted account (almost all of the time, while the Administrator account is only used for installations, security actions etc.).
It is time this problem is attended with something else than rants about the way Windows works. ANY other regularly updating program (virus scanner, firewall etc) is able to update regardless of the actual account which is using the computer at the time.