updates - update successful = repeats itself over and over all day

sorry if this has been posted (i looked) i keep getting balloon pop ups saying it is checking for updates > then it says update successful, but it does this about 20x when i am online. about every 20 mins.

this is new behavior for CIS, so i don’t know what to think. i want to make sure the installation hasn’t been compromised online. I ran a diagnostics and it said it was fine.

is there a log somewhere that i can review what’s going on with it?

Hi Notech. As far as I know unticking Show balloon messages in More, Preferences, General will stop the messages.
Alternatively you could disable Auto updates and do them manually in Antivirus, Scanner settings, Real time Scanning untick Auto update Database.
Logs. Go to Antivirus, View Antivirus events, then click More, then click tasks launched. Kind regards

thank you captainsticks. weird i just checked and it’s unticked for show balloon messages. maybe my spouse unticked it today. as long as i get alert msgs, this should work.

also, it seems like it would be pinging the server for updates all day long which wouldn’t be good for commodo. I’ll continue to watch it.

thank you so much