Updates still failing for me!

I have tried deleting the bases.$$$ file, and also going into safemode and replacing the base.cav file from repair folder, but my updates still keep failing to initialize…think it gets to 90 or so percent then errors out, I hope someone knows how to fix this or whats wrong :o/

Same here.

I deleted bases.$$$ and rebooted to no avail. Then I deleted bases.$$$, renamed bases.cav to bases.cav.old, and copied bases.cav from the repair folder. After a reboot I am now stuck at 5782 instead of the previous 5784.

Sorry I should have taken more note of the error message, but it was to the effect that my internet connection was not working and I should check it out. That, of course, is nonsense - it’s working fine.

OK, I deleted bases.$$$, renamed bases.cav to rubbish, and rebooted. Unless I am mistaken, I believe I effectively deleted bases.cav by doing this, though I didn’t use safe mode.

After a reboot, I am still stuck at 5782, which is the version in the repair folder.

I got the error message pictured below when manually updating.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I found a fix that worked for me, pretty simple…lol…should have tried it earlier XD

I went to “C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\scanners” and deleted bases.$$$ , then I ran CCleaner and cleaned all my temp files etc… , then I tried updating again and it worked…YAY!!!

okay…I spoke to soon…still broken for me, it looked like it worked as it went a head and updated 100%…but still stuck at 5783 :o(

maybe I try again and reboot computer :confused:

no matter what I tried was still broken, so exported profile and re-installed, now back working again…YAY!!!


Delete bases.$$$ file and bases.cav file in scanner folder in safe mode and copy the bases.cav file from below link and update works for me


I had tried that, but never worked for me, the only thing that fixed my updates was re-installing!

Finally, deleted bases.$$$, renamed bases.cav, copied the installation version of bases.cav from languy99’s link, and rebooted. No need for safe mode. The database successfully updated to 5797. Hopefully all is now well.

Thanks to farshard and languy99 for the tip.

I just noticed I am having the update problem now also.

Has auto updated from 5797 to 5799 now, so all seems to be working again.