Updates Problem

For the past few days after starting up my PC I’ve noticed that there is an update notification icon on my Taskbar. When I click on the icon then click ‘update’ I expect that the update will do what it’s supposed to do. But the icon is still there the next time I start-up my PC. When I click on ‘see update details’ I see this, see screenshot. Can someone help me out here ?
My OS is Windows XP.

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You CIS 5.12? He wants to upgrade to the CIS 6 but is not yet possible.
Coming soon. While disable the update.

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Updates to V6 have not yet been pushed to V5 users. They are still fixing a few bugs and improving the new GUI.

We expect that the update to V6 will be available soon.

Does the update notification only stay there only for a short while? Like less than a minute? But it does not show the balloon saying there are updares? Then CIS is just looking for updates but there is not an update yet. Only when the balloon shows saying there are updates there actually are.

It’s not a balloon, it’s a Comodo Icon on the taskbar slightly smaller than the actual Comodo program icon. But it appears to have disappeared anyhow.

That is the smaller shield indicating it is checking for downloads and just that. Clikcing on that will tell you there is a download but that is a red herring. It is confusing for many users.

Only when you see a balloon message above the systray area stating there is an update without clicking on an icon then there is an update.