Updates must be retrieved manually?


Quick question about the “Updater” button in the upper right hand corner of the main screen.

Is it true that there is no way to automatically program Comodo to downloand updates each day? Must I manually push this button every single day to see if there is an update available?

Why is Comodo placing the burden on the user to manually retrieve updates? Am I missing something?



If you’re using v2.4:

You mean the option that says automatically check for program file updates in security=>advanced=>miscellaneous (see attached)?

The reason there’s no updates is because everything is gearing up for the release of V3, and even then I believe it has been recommended to manually download it and do a (fresh?) install.

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The updater button is just there for manual updates; you do not have to do manual updates. However, the FW is not updated the same way an AV is; I think the last update to the current version came out about 6 months ago or so.

The automatic updater (if enabled, as per Oriour’s post) will run once per day, generally in the evening/night as I recall.

And yes, if you want to move up to v3 once it goes final, it will be necessary to manually download the setup files for it, uninstall v2.4, and install v3.x. Please use SafeMode for the uninstall/install tasks.

I’m not sure if 2.4’s updater will try to download and run the v3 setup or not. It did when transitioning from 2.3 to 2.4, and many users had trouble that way (and those were very similar). I’m guessing that Comodo will keep them separate, since 2.4 will be remaining as an active product (where 2.3 was not).