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Hey - After spending several hours with “Craig” From Live PC Support, Who was very helpful; Suggested I post a bug report.

2 PC’s,
Main = Windows Xp 32x sp3; CIS e5200 2.8 @3.0ghz, 2048mb DDR2
Spare= Windows Xp 32x sp3; CIS P4 2.8GHZ, 1024mb DDR2

Basically, I would like my spare pc to update it’s self VIA the Main pc using;
Comodo → Misc → Settings → Connection → Updates host. However, It does not work.

The pc’s are hooked up to a “Iconnect Access 621” router. Main PC is hooked up with a standard Ethernet cable and the spare PC is hooked up with a USB cable. Both pc’s have file sharing enabled and work perfectly fine transferring files and playing LAN games with each other. Both PC’s can connect to the Internet independently and are not part of an ICS.

Extra Info; Craig and myself played around countless times viewing the logs of both pc’s, configuring rules all to no avail.

More info provided upon request…

Keep us posted.

Have you sniffed out an actual live update between a PC and http://download.comodo.com/ it could have to do with a naming convention of the files. Or it could read a log of some sort to see which file to update.

I would do a update to CIS/CAV with the minimum other apps or unnecessary internet traffic possible. and the spend some time with the logs to see exactly what is happening between the two PCs.

It could be a sizable amount of data to sort through but it should give you some idea of what is going on.


let us know what you get worked out or if you have to wait for the official release of the update server.

Already checked the logs very thoroughly, Spare PC Sends a successful request to the main PC however the update is not successful, We tried booting into SafeMode With Networking too.

It appears that, Even with the allow rules to allow the communication between to two pc’s it is still blocked.


This won’t work like this, you need extra software to provide “offline updates” this is a kind of “mini webserver” that check’s for central updates, the help file is lacking this information.

Offline updater will be available for ESM, not sure if it will be released as a standalone.

Just to be sure - can you please check the screen shot so we both know if we’re on the same page or not?
If true… It appears even PCsupport staff aren’t aware of this :-\

EDIT: This is whats written in the helpfile;

If you are connected to a local network and the CIS program updates are available any of the other computers in your network, you can type the IP address of the host in this text box. CIS will automatically check the host specified here and download the updates from the host even when you are offline.

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Yep i have been testing with this, it does call the same routine as to the current download.comodo.com to the ip you configure there, and as CIS is not running a webserver on port 80 it is not able to download it’s updates from the other host. I verified this with Egemen and you need the Offline Updater package to “host” these updates, so I’m sure it won’t work. Help file is incomplete here…

Thanks Ronny - I hope this is updated in the next fix or V4 to stop future headaches ;D

Indeed HTTP server is needed on alternative update host.


Have a look here ;D

Ok guys, Thanks for clearing this up for me :slight_smile: