updates for CIS replace dragon and icedragon

I would like to know if the newest update of CIS removes\uninstalls Dragon and Icedragon from the laptop Harddrive. I need Dragon because I use it to go into phpmyadmin for programming mysql and php, as Icedragon cannot seem to locate it. Is there a way to not install the browser when updating CIS. Thanks

Please follow the guide, if you do not want browsers. CIS Updater bundled with them and Yandex
Illustrated Installation Guide - COMODO Firewall 8 without Bundled Software

does that mean I have to uninstall the previous version and then install this standalone?

No. If you installed one of the Comodo browsers on your computer by mistake, just uninstall it on Add/Remove Programs.
Newest version CIS will not and cannot remove any software on your PC. If you want to keep Comodo Dragon, just go to http://browser.comodo.com/ and instal the CD…
The guide shows the installition without bundled browser and GeekBuddy. You do not need to install CIS again.