Updates causing disabled comodo

I was wondering if anybody else has experienced this problem. I was given notification on my computer icon tray that an update was available for Comodo so I downloaded the update. But after I did that I noticed that my Defense+ settings was set at “disabled”. Even after I log off and then log back on, the default setting is set at “disabled”. I can change the settings if I want but why does it keep defaulting at “disabled”? This problem did not start until I did the update so is there a way for me to reverse the update if it is going to cause this problem? I ran a virus scan and did a couple of anti-spyware scans and nothing was detected so I don’t know what would cause this problem. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi internetuser

Can you tell us what version of CIS this issue happened with (Version you had before you updated)? And also list your security software and Operating System too please.