"Updates" balloons

WHY must I be “reminded” every twenty minutes, to “update” my Comodo?? (I tried it once; the “reminders” STILL popped up from my taskbar every twenty minutes!) I am sick and tired of x-ing these out, every twenty minutes!! HOW do I stop them???

Are you talking about the balloon messages, or the updater icon in the taskbar?

If you’re talking about the balloon messages, you can click on the More tab, then select Preferences, and un-check the box next to Show balloon messages.

If you’re talking about the updater icon in the taskbar, the only way to disable this is to turn off the check for automatic updates. This can be disabled in the same place as the balloon messages. Just un-check Automatically check for program updates.

OK, the “Show Balloon Messages” box has been UNchecked since day one. Now what??

Please clarify what sort of “reminders” you are seeing. Is it a balloon message, or the updater icon in the taskbar?

Could you attach a screenshot of the reminder?

This definitely is the “balloon message” – NOT what’s on the Taskbar. The Taskbar icon doesn’t get in the way of anything; the “balloon message” is very annoying, intrusive and unnecessary. The Taskbar icon is not the problem, the problem IS the “balloon message”, which is why I titled the thread “Updates balloons”.

Screen shot not working out; Balloon text reads:

COMODO Internet Security Premium - Updater
Updates for the Comodo Internet Security are ready
for your computer. Please click here to see the details.”

Then, “clicking here” does NOT bring up any “details”; all it does is bring up a dialogue box, asking if I’m ready to apply these mysterious “updates”. Clicking “yes” in that very same dialogue box does nothing to eliminate these irritating pop-ups.

Hi hreggard,
For constant update notifications please try the suggestion in the link below.
Are you getting repetitive update notices?

How do I access there files, without a “license key” – or CAN I??

Hi hreggard,
Sorry I am not following what the “License key” has to do with the files.
If the files are not visible please show hidden files.
Show hidden files

Are you removing entries from the Trusted Software Vendors list?