updates available when there are none

After the latest update comodo continually pops up a message saying updates are available but when you try to to run the updater it says none are available. Also since last update ie7 is slow to start up and sits witha white background for several seconds… Please advise.

system specs…

windows vista home premium
2 gb ram

Welcome the the Forums, Tinman.
Have you added or removed anything from the Trusted Vendors list?
Doing so will cause this situation as CIS (currently) will want to restore this to the default state. This is a known bug.

Or it could be a virtualstore issue you can find the solution here:


I made an FAQ out of this one:

CIS keeps asking for updates

Why don’t you add that it could also be the trusted software vendor bug as well? (until it is fixed that is)


Because if you chose to “update” your trusted vendor list get’s fixed and the “update available” is no longer there, this one is just for the “update” run update, there are no updates…".

I got the update message today but yesterday i did remove some trusted vendors so that obviously explains why this has happened. I have disabled auto updates for the time being.
Thanks for the info John

I’ve stll get this problem and couldn’t delete the Themes directory. Any ideas. Thanks.

OS: Vista Home Premium 6.0.6001 Service Pack 1 Build 6001
CIS: 3.8.65951.477

Please close the GUI first and wait a minute for cfp.exe to terminate.
After that you should be able to remove the theme file also.

If that doesn’t work please boot in Safe Mode and try to delete it.