updates and releases

I have Comodo firewall 5.3.176757.1236 (released late dec’10) installed and have noticed some updates of late that do not increment the version #, is this typical? If so, how can confirm an update is legit?

The reason I ask is I have a proprietary dual-boot system. XP1 is essentially isolated XP SP1 install used only to backup/restore my main operating system XP2 (ms updated, security, essential software, etc…). I can restore my system every morning while i take a shower (~9-12min), complete my finances, make purchases, etc and then install/use the shady progy’s like utorrent, etc… The point of the system is to be able to wipe out unknown infections with one simple restore and of course restore the system in case of instability ( there are other reason too :wink: ). Not a new idea but i use my own program to handle it all.

One morning i restore, ask Comodo firewall “Do you need any updates?” It promptly tells me no. However 2-3 hours later it does. Not uncommon, right? Well… on a hunch, I restore my system once again and ask Comodo firewall again “Do you need any updates?” The answer is again no. Well, as you may imagine this makes me scratch my head and ask myself the question “Is the update legit?”

if so, can anyone prove it?

btw - the update is very quick, so i could not monitor the ip it was downloading from.