Updates always available?

Good morning (or at least it is here!),

I upgraded the Firewall to v3.5 and I am very happy with it - once I got over the ‘Security Centre not recognising’ problem.

I run manual updates (it’s a personal thing) and I have noticed that whenever I check there are always updates available. However, when I click to install them there is only a very brief flash before I get the “Updates installed” dialog - and nothing seems to have changed. When I had v3.0 there were very infrequent updates and they usuallly made substantial changes - which is what I would expect from a firewall.

Am I right in thinking that the update check is looking for CIS updates, and thus including the no doubt very frequent AV updates, and then realising that only Firewall and Defense+ are loaded once I ask for them to be installed?

Steve G is the latest version.

I think you should just ignore the Alert, Or export your settings, uninstall & reinstall CIS then import your settings should solve the issue. :slight_smile: