Hi Support.

I have had a look through the posts and cant find the answer to my problem.

The updater icon appears in my task tray and remains there indefinitely until I power down. I then have the Microsoft warning that the updater is still running. I looked in task manager and it wasn’t using any CPU memory.


XP Pro 64 bit Version 2003 SP2
AMD Athlon 64x2 Dual
Core Processor 4000+
2.11 GHz - 2.93 GB Ram

Thanks for any help.

No ideas with this one?

I am just interested … I noticed when CSC was updating itself it also looked like it was searching for updates of programs like winamp, IE, Nero … or I saw it wrong?

Anyway after only 1 day of usage I immediately uninstalled CSC because of that

It has behaved itself today, just as well because it doesn’t look like I was going to get any help from the men in the know. Strac, I never had your problem.