My dial up is pretty bad at the best of times but recently it has slowed down to less than 1kb per with numerous dropouts. I am struggling to do anything with it. Turns out Comodo has no download manager and so no ability to resume updates. It’s a real problem. I get to the end of an hours download, have a dropout and so no update at all.

Comodo needs a download manager! For all updating mechanisms!

Not on dial up here but you have a valid point. Outside the western world lots of people are on dial up.

Opera browser for example is very popular in Eastern Europe and Russia (around 15%) as it allows to only use cached images on web sites. Very useful for dial up users.

Let’s not forget the dial up users. :-TU :P0l

There are places here in the states without high speed. Cable, DSL, and Wireless are available less than a mile on either side of my location, but not at my home. For program updates I DL the entire program and take it home on a USB stick.


I urgently need this. In Avira, when the JOB update start, I can finish it! Sometimes the update is so big to my dial up connection that I prefer download Avira update version!

Days ago I uninstalled CIS to try diffrent things, and after, I reinstall it and it looks up for Virus Definition Update. Downloading more thant 10 mb (on a dial up), so I try turn off my computer, and CIS popup me saying something like “Virus Database is being update right now. Please wait…”, so I couldn’t turn off my pc. This is bad! CIS should say something different, like “It’s strongly recomended that you update your virus definition. Are you sure that you want to finish?” Why not?

YES you CAN turn off your PC even if “the Av definitions is being updated right now please wait…”

You just put up the Taskmanager and turn off or restart your PC from there, really simple.

But yes you may got a point there :THNK.
But that’s how you do it if you don’t want to wait for the update process to finish before turning off.

Cheers, J_G

I use Process Explorer as my task manager and I tried use it to shutdown my pc, it finish all explorer.exe and based process but it can’t finish COMODO doing his update.

Maybe if COMODO use a download manager (with the option to finish it) to uptade process and off-line update database we will have some progress on this.

Of course Opera has a built-in download manager too :wink:

Is there something like update mirror in CIS? I haven’t install it yet and couldn’t find any info about local update mirrors.

Hi Alex,welcome to the forums. :■■■■

There don’t seem to be update mirrors from what I can see.