Updater steals focus!!

Most annoying bug ever - every time the updater runs it steals focus from whatever application is running be it full screen on windows app. Never used to be this way - only a recent issue that has come up.

This has caused MANY issues in my everyday computing some of which have lead me to consider switching to another program.

Thank you.

Thank you for your issue report. I am glad to tell you this issue is already known, well documented, and awaiting a fix. We are not looking for further reports at present. A temporary fix, if there is one, may be listed here. I am forwarding this post to a relevant help forum so you can receive further help if needed. Please also look in the FAQ in this help forum, as it may also be of assistance.

It appears to be fixed in the game mode of CIS 6.0, though not being a gamer it is difficult for me to be sure.