Updater steals focus

Thank goodness we dont get anymore popups when antivirus is updating but it still steals focus from other windows. Media player classic loses focus and toggles fullscreen off everytime antivirus updates.

+1 for unstealing focus.

I have this problem as well… minimizes full screen games and video player … i know it is the comodo updater as windows media player classic informs me that it lost focus to comodo updater. this is VERY annoying as it happens usually a couple times a day. any idea when this will be fixed or how to stop this??

Bump. Make it stop!

activate game mode and go to CIS → More → Preferences → General. Make sure that you have the first three options un-mark/check.

Does this help?

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Valentin N

The window that steals focus is truly invisible; it is not a normal notification. If I press alt+space while it has focus, the window menu appears near the center of the screen. It steals focus at the same time as I hear a background program start up (via a notifier I use) and stops when I hear it close.

have you tried my suggestion in my previous post?

Valentin N

Running game mode 24/7 kinda defeats the point of this software, as does disabling updates. I don’t want to switch off notifications either.

you AV will still update even if you go to CIS → More → Preferences → General and unmark the fist three options.

Valentin N

So the option doesn’t do exactly what it says it does? What does it do?

Automatically Check for the program updates - This option determines whether or not Comodo Internet Security should automatically contact Comodo servers for updates. With this option selected, Comodo Internet Security automatically checks for updates every 24 hours AND every time you start your computer. If updates are found, they are automatically downloaded and installed. We recommend that users leave this setting enabled to maintain the highest levels of protection. Users who choose to disable automatic updates can download them manually by clicking 'Check for Updates' in the 'More' section (Default = Enabled).


Also, I don’t have the AV.

It’s annoying.

uncheck/unmark “show balloon messages”.

Wouldn’t that stop me from seeing update notifications?

If you disable balloon messages, you will not see any notification that the virus database has been updated, but you will see notifications if there is a program update.

Unchecking “show balloon messages” doesn’t fix it. (I lost focus now a few minutes after restart and I doubt it was anything other than Comodo that did it.)

And the stolen focus was never caused by the appearance of balloon messages anyway.

EDIT: Now I tried again (restarted) and the focus was only “stolen” for a little while, when a second Comodo icon appeared. But then the focus got back to where it was.


Please get this fixed soon as it is extremely annoying, especially during movies or games.


Don’t want to disable automatic updates, but would love it if the program didn’t constantly steal focus at the most annoying of times. I’m not one to post complaints on forums, but this has been agitating me for months and months. :frowning:


So, is there any sort of hope this will be addressed? Why does the update needs to have focus anyways? Can’t it do it in the background?

This is very annoying indeed. How can you use CIS on a HTPC when the media player goes out of full screen every hour? Not sure why it’s so hard for Comodo to fix it.