Updater message

The Updater thinks I’m not connected to the Internet. The dialogue box opens but the instant I click the ‘Start’ button, a Windows error message type of box pops up. The title of the of box is ‘Comodo Firewall Automatic Updater’. The message given is:

‘Your system seems to be not connected to the Internet. Please check your Internet Connection’.

All seems to be well regarding the connection. No troubles with browsing etc.

Using XP Pro SP2 with all updates installed. Latest version of Comodo

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EDIT: I should add that the Updater was working OK at first . This is something that started happening for no apparent reason. Perhaps after a Windows Defender update but I can’t think that would affect anything?

Check to see if Windows Firewall is Turned Off or not. Also, have you added your router as a trusted network address? Try repairing your internet connection by doing a right click on the wireless or wired icon (Whichever you use) and click repair.


Have you got installed IE 7beta
I have had installed IE7 beta and i unistalled it and restored system cos i had the same problem with updaters of a lot of programs: Webroot spysweeper for exemple.

The Windows firewall isn’t running and I haven’t got a router. It’s a direct connection to the Internet via a cable modem. I tried repairing the Internet connection as suggested but the problem remains.

IE is not my main browser so I am running IE7 RC1 to see how it goes. I can try uninstalling it, although the Updater has worked since IE7 RC1 was installed.

I did have a crash while using Xara Xtreme last night. Had to do a reboot to get the computer working again. Perhaps something went amiss at that time. Also, the system is possibly a bit messed around with reinstalls of ZoneAlarm (going back and forward from an earlier to the latest version a few times). It might be to do with that I suppose. If that is the case, the problem might be just something that would only happen to my computer.

I can feel format time creeping up again :slight_smile:

IE 7 Beta installs a new cpp(i think, i uninstalled IE7beta some times ago) affects updaters of programs. I know because i 've spy sweeper, and when i installed IE7B, Spysweeper alert me to allow the new file, necessary for run IE7B, then appeared a lot of problem with updaters, he said me ‘Your system seems to be not connected to the Internet. Please check your Internet Connection’.
Sorry my english. But your problem with updaters is the same as mine. I think is IE7b.
If you run beta’s, you must to know they have issues.

Please try disabling n/w adapter and activating it again, see if that works.
When you get following message:
‘Your system seems to be not connected to the Internet. Please check your Internet Connection’.
WinInet APIs find that there is no connection to Internet.
But we will try to produce with IE7 (RC1) as mentioned and see if it is something else.

I tried disabling the network adapter and then enabling it again but unfortunately, that didn’t help. Also uninstalled IE7 but the problem persists. Tried a reinstallation of the firewall too. If I try updating by right-clicking on the Systray Launch Pad icon, I get the message ‘Error 4: Could not complete update process

If the problem is IE7B, uninstalling it don’t solve the problem. You must restore system before install IE7B because although you unistalled it the file continues and runs in your system :-
For this reason before install the browser it do a back-up of your registry.

When I first tried the Comodo firewall (it was the last beta version), I’d made a ‘pre Comodo’ system restore point before installing it. I went back to this point in time. It meant I had no firewall temporarily but I restored to it anyway. This brought back a strange looking sort of ‘half installed’ IE7. It had a toolbar missing and there seemed no way to get it back. I then reinstalled the latest version of the Comodo firewall (previously downloaded) and plugged the modem back in. Tested the Updater and it worked OK.

Then, tempting fate, I downloaded IE7 RC1 (using Firefox because the download link wouldn’t work in IE7). Once installed, IE7 RC1 worked OK. The Updater still works OK too. No fathoming the reason for these things sometimes.