Updater failure revisited

Hello. The reason I am posting this message is because I have tried the recommendations to the other similar postings with no positive results. I would try the new beta but saw somewhere that its updater did not work either.

I am running CPF with the free version of AVG Anti-Virus and Windows Defender Beta 2 on an XP Media Center machine. Everything seems to work fine except for the CPF Updater which results in an error message that there is no connection to the internet when I manually update from CPF. No message of any kind appears when I check for updates from the Launch Pad.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

Hi there

I practically chewed my hands off grappling with this.

Turns out that something (I know not what, which is rather alarming) had tinkered with the lan setting in internet options. When I checked the auto detect box everything miraculously returned to normal and I can now let my fingers grow back.

Hope this does the trick.


That fixed it for me. Cool, thanks!