Updater error: SampleAuth.asmx - missing!


I’ve have got Updater running and working, but get an error:

Requested file ‘SimpleAuthWebService/SimpleAuth.asmx’ was not found:
Could not find a part of the path
‘C:\Program Files\Comodo\Offline Updater\Data\SimpleAuthWebService\SimpleAuth.asmx’.

This folder was not created during installation, nor populated by Updater
during a download phase. Can anyone tell me what SampleAuth.asmx is
about. Do I need to create the sub folder and file?

What exactly does SampleAuth.asmx do, and to what?

Updater Version 1.2.30701.2

Remote Folders: “av/Updates50”, “inis600” and “inis1001” only

Can Comodo do a paid subscription support service!