Updater error message


Someone I know on a forum is having this problem with the following pop up message…

Comodo Firewall Pro Updater Component has encountered a problem and needs to close.

He’s running it on XP.


No one???

Sounds like something has banged the updater module on the head a few times…

I would suggest this user should file a ticket with Support. http://support.comodo.com/

Or, uninstall/reinstall and see if that helps (doing so with all active security applications disabled, and disconnected from the internet).


I hope I’ve choosed the right category. Ok, I’ve been using comodo for quite a while. I had Win XP SP2 January verison and comodo firewall on it. Everything worked well but now when I installed a Win XP SP2 March verison after lets say a week of using Comodo Firewall on that windows verison the updater component crashes every time i logon to windows. The windows error dialog comes up and say the usual stuff, we are sorry… and need to close this app. The firewall doesn’t stop working but just the cpfupdat.exe .

If you need more detail pleas reply on this thread or my mail…

P/S: I really like Comodo Firewall