Updater does not work

Hi everyone !

I installed this firewall a few weeks ago and so far it has been great !!! (R). However, in the last two days I have got this message stating that there is an update available … which is fine for me … so I clicked “yes” … I want to upgrade.

The thing is that the upgrader fails before it reaches 3 or 4% (:SAD).

I have F-Secure 2006. If my antivirus is enabled, the updater reaches 3 or 4% percent, sometimes less, and it dies. If I disable the antivirus, it reaches around 48% … and then it dies. The update is extremely slow !!! … and I have a very fast broadband !!!.

I downloaded the new version’s installer, hoping that it was going to detect my previous version and update it … but instead it states that I have to uninstall my previous version ? …

I have checked the forum for posts related to my problem and I’ve found one suggesting that I have change to another firewall ?? … and another stating that the whole world is updating the same time as me ?. To tell you the thruth I would prefer to keep this one … so … how can I get an update in a smooth way ?

I have MS Windows XP Home edition, SP2.

One more thing … the new version of the Comodo’s installer is like 7.7 MB. My cpfupdat.exe is downloading 4.1 MB so far, corresponding to a 43% progress … uhmmm … am I downloading the full new installer again ??.

Thanks for your help in advance,


If you update from inside the program, you don’t need to uninstall previous version, but if you download the *.exe file, you need to unisntall the previous version, before you install the new version.